You are loved.


Do you ever get in a fight with someone you love, like a family member, friend, or significant other, and wonder if you’re worth loving at all? Do you ever shut yourself in your room and remember every awful thing that you’ve ever done? It makes you feel broken & unlovable, doesn’t it? Like, who could love someone so broken like I am? Who could possibly want someone like me, even after they’ve been exposed to the darkest parts of my soul?

Because I often feel like that. I’ll mess up once, and I’ll feel like the world’s biggest loser.   I know I can’t possibly be the only one who feels like this sometimes, right?

God has known you & I before we were born (psalm 139:16). He created us with the utmost care and love (psalm 139:13). He values our lives more than any other living organism (matthew 10:29-31), and He provides us with everything we could ever need. He’s everywhere, at every point in time. He sees all, and knows all. Like, alllllllll. As in, every bad thought you’ve ever contemplated, every good thing you’ve ever done. He knew every thought you were gonna think long before you were born. He knows every little thing about you- the dark & the light. Do you wanna know a rad truth?

God still wants you.

You, and your raw, unfiltered self. He sees you at your worst and your best, and He still wants you. He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that you would never have to feel alone, and unloved again. In fact, I don’t doubt for a minute that He would die for you all over again. But He doesn’t even have to, because He said, “It is finished.” Jesus finalized it all. You are SO loved.

There is always grace for you. You can find it in highest, and lowest of times. Just open your arms, receive it, and remember your youth, where you ran in wide fields without a care in the world. You’re free, and you’re loved.



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