Hey, do you read my blog?


The title has little to no importance to this post. It was actually a quote from a video I just saw, and I’ll be talking about that!

I watch videos about “Things Hipsters Say”, and I laugh every time, because the majority of quotes are relatable. For example, hipsters “don’t call themselves hipsters”. They go against any kind of “crowd flow”, and have unique mindsets and things like that.

Realizing that you may not exactly know who I am, I have decided to make a list of things about me based on things I’ve heard. Hopefully by the time you reach the end of this list, I’m not despised by all of humanity.

  • I am a hipster.
  • I am a poet + author in the making (still have nobody to be my editor, but that’s okay; I also edit myself).
  • I’m an Oxford comma enthusiast, and believe that it deserves rights as well as anything else in this world.
  • What’s a radio? I have Spotify.
  • Fancy coffee. Crappy coffee. Coffee from the most amazing beans in the world. Coffee from the local chain coffee shop across the street. Coffee from independent shops. Instant coffee. Coffee that takes 10 minutes to make. I’ll drink it all.
  • When I’m not broke (a rarity in itself), I thrive at the thrift store. I call my style “bohemian-hermit-that-just-reached-in-that-trash-can-over-there”.
  • Vintage is swaggin’.
  • My music taste can be described as the following: banjo-stomp-and-hollering-beard-dads and indie-girls-quietly-and-passionately-whispering.
  • I don’t know which category my singing voice falls into (I don’t want to brag, but I know it’s 85% better than what I listen to).
  • Coffee runs in my veins.
  • I live for the acoustic sounds of the guitar.
  • “Ironically,”

I’m not too sure where this post went, but I did it for the sake of humor. I tried to envision what my “about me” would be if it was in a video.

Please still like me, I’m radical.



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