Let’s Talk About Worship!


All week I was annoyed at how I couldn’t think of anything to write about. But I finally found something! It’s 9:43am, I have my coffee, and I’m ready. I’m going to talk about the worship period at my youth group that happened. Let me give you a visual of last night’s youth group hangout:

4 of us are leading worship. 6 are sitting in the pews, waiting for us to start. Realizing that 10 people is quite a small number for a gathering, we decided to make it intimate, so we invited everyone onstage with us. We start singing, and it truly sounded wonderful. There was so much passion, and desire for God to meet our little group. I found myself getting lost in my own little world with Him, singing melodies that I never knew were possible to sing. I don’t know where everyone’s hearts were at, but that’s between God and the individual.

After we were finished our message, we had another time of worship. Instead of being onstage, we were on ground level this time, and we weren’t using the mics, the plugged in instruments, or the big loud sound system. All we had was our box drum, guitar, our voices, and the acoustics of the sanctuary. It was kind of unplanned, so we were flipping through our songbook, but it was really lovely- I can’t explain it more than that.

I have to say, it’s a really sweet thing to not pay any attention to those around myself as I worship. It’s sweet, because I personally find that it’s rare. More often than not, I find myself paying more attention to how I sound, making sure everything’s on-key, worrying if someone messes up, instead of focusing on God and only Him.

When I make God my focal point, that’s where true worship begins.

These are the songs that we chose last night. Enjoy!

-Deliverance by Strahan
-Desert Soul by Rend Collective
-Psalm 18 by Citizens & Saints


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