4 Things I’ve Learned About Leading Worship

Hello again, friends! I’m just gonna go ahead and address the elephant-in-the-room-that-might-not-be-an-elephant-to-you-but-it-is-to-me: I haven’t written a post in nearly 2 months. This is probably the longest hiatus I’ve taken so far while running this blog. It’s weird and upsetting for me! I’m hoping to make more posts (without long periods of time in between), but with my work schedule, we’ll see how that goes!

Excuses, excuses. Still, I want to write more and will therefore make it a point to do so!

I want to tell you 4 things that I have learned about leading worship:

  1. It isn’t about looking good onstage. If I’m ever worried about looking good for worship, I have to shut that thought out immediately otherwise I shouldn’t even be up there. The only reason the worship team is used  is to help lead the people into a personal time with God- to invite them to be open, vulnerable, and intimate with the most powerful One in existence. Putting the focus on ourselves would altogether defeat that purpose.
  2. I must always evaluate how I am doing spiritually. It’s hard to be energetic and invite people to join in the presence of God when I myself haven’t been spending any time in prayer or reading my bible. I can sense when I’m faking it. I don’t like being a hypocrite, so I do my best to make sure I’m able to help my team bring that energy on a Sunday morning by energizing myself with prayer & reading.
  3. I have to remember that even though I’m helping my team lead, I’m not actually the one leading the set. I have a good friend who I often lead worship with, and we’ve developed a good dynamic over the years- he does main vocals, I do back vocals. Sometimes I forget to just let him do his thing & allow myself adapt to his voice instead. For example: we’re doing a song that we’ve done so many times, and I come in a little too early or sing the wrong lyric. You can imagine that it would throw him off a little bit. It’s never a big deal because we can laugh at ourselves, but it’s still something that I am continuing to learn.
  4. I do this because I am a servant of God. I’m humble when I say that God has gifted me with my singing voice so I can sing to Him and enable others to come close to Him as well. If I don’t feel like worshiping one Sunday, I’m not being obedient. I’m called to worship always (and that doesn’t mean singing constantly!), because worship is a lifestyle and a decision to publicly declare God as King. It’s an honor to sing to God, and give Him praise. The more I lead worship, the more I realize this is such a heavy duty to carry out, but I do it joyfully.

I’m not entirely sure how many of my readers have led worship before, but if you have, please tell me what kinds of things you’ve learned while doing so!! Have a great week, my friends!


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