The Evidence of Progress

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The last few weeks have been so crazy in my journey with Jesus! Here’s an awesome & eventful recap:

April 6th, I wrote my post, The Liberation, where I declared myself free from all anxiousness in Jesus’ name. April 8th, I went to see some friends & we ate dinner together, and watched movies like Ghostbusters (that theme song is my halloween go-to) & the Hillsong Movie. We had a time of worship that evening. That Sunday, the 9th, was when I helped our church’s worship team lead. It felt incredible!

I don’t doubt that God put these things in order leading up to this moment. If I hadn’t declared freedom over my life, and if we hadn’t watched the Hillsong Movie, I wouldn’t have been so inspired to worship Jesus like I did.

On the 10th, I’ve started a bible study where I am reading from Genesis to Revelation, and writing down the promises of God. This is helping me so much, and I don’t know why I put this off. On the 14th, it was Good Friday. I spent it reading the bible & listening to worship music. We had an amazing service that evening. The Holy Spirit was there, and there was a sense of joy rather than sorrow, which is so GOOD. We had an awesome time at McDonalds later! The 15th, spent reading & listening to music. The 16th, Easter Sunday, was overall joyful. My restored joy was basically symbolic of how I have risen from the grave with Jesus on that third day. Amazing, isn’t it?

The past two weeks have been amazing, I can’t even describe it. But Jesus has been so good to me in restoring my heart back to the way it used to be.

A few nights ago, my best friend & I were discussing the question, In a few sentences, how would you describe your born again experience?, and this is what we came up with:

“My born again experience has been something that, 6 years ago, I didn’t know how badly I needed. There’s been this hope that clings to the back of my mind. It reminds me of that dark place I was once in. That had I not discovered Jesus, I would either be stuck in this pit of despair for the rest of my life, or I wouldn’t be here. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the hope that I have, but those times pass. I have this desire to look at the world in a different light. I see people as special and lovely. My experience with Jesus has allowed me to see life much more brightly.” -Me

“Hmm, I never really thought of it.  I guess it’s a cop out to say that a lot of my walk of faith ends up in a worship song, but I do believe that God is my source. If I think back to before I was saved, well, I can’t imagine how I survived. I’m completely incapable of surviving without Him.” -Mick Germain

I have had the pleasure of seeing my friends grow in their faith, going through seasons, overcoming weights, and reclaiming their joy. It’s so beautiful to see, and sometimes I get overwhelmed by the progress I see, because it proves their loyalty & devotion to Jesus. And to be a witness of these things is lovely, wouldn’t you think?

(It’s time for me to stop typing and going on and on about my friends, or else I’ll start crying  & this post doesn’t make sense anymore bye)



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