The Evidence of Progress

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The last few weeks have been so crazy in my journey with Jesus! Here’s an awesome & eventful recap:

April 6th, I wrote my post, The Liberation, where I declared myself free from all anxiousness in Jesus’ name. April 8th, I went to see some friends & we ate dinner together, and watched movies like Ghostbusters (that theme song is my halloween go-to) & the Hillsong Movie. We had a time of worship that evening. That Sunday, the 9th, was when I helped our church’s worship team lead. It felt incredible!

I don’t doubt that God put these things in order leading up to this moment. If I hadn’t declared freedom over my life, and if we hadn’t watched the Hillsong Movie, I wouldn’t have been so inspired to worship Jesus like I did.

On the 10th, I’ve started a bible study where I am reading from Genesis to Revelation, and writing down the promises of God. This is helping me so much, and I don’t know why I put this off. On the 14th, it was Good Friday. I spent it reading the bible & listening to worship music. We had an amazing service that evening. The Holy Spirit was there, and there was a sense of joy rather than sorrow, which is so GOOD. We had an awesome time at McDonalds later! The 15th, spent reading & listening to music. The 16th, Easter Sunday, was overall joyful. My restored joy was basically symbolic of how I have risen from the grave with Jesus on that third day. Amazing, isn’t it?

The past two weeks have been amazing, I can’t even describe it. But Jesus has been so good to me in restoring my heart back to the way it used to be.

A few nights ago, my best friend & I were discussing the question, In a few sentences, how would you describe your born again experience?, and this is what we came up with:

“My born again experience has been something that, 6 years ago, I didn’t know how badly I needed. There’s been this hope that clings to the back of my mind. It reminds me of that dark place I was once in. That had I not discovered Jesus, I would either be stuck in this pit of despair for the rest of my life, or I wouldn’t be here. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the hope that I have, but those times pass. I have this desire to look at the world in a different light. I see people as special and lovely. My experience with Jesus has allowed me to see life much more brightly.” -Me

“Hmm, I never really thought of it. ย I guess it’s a cop out to say that a lot of my walk of faith ends up in a worship song, but I do believe that God is my source. If I think back to before I was saved, well, I can’t imagine how I survived. I’m completely incapable of surviving without Him.” -Mick Germain

I have had the pleasure of seeing my friends grow in their faith, going through seasons, overcoming weights, and reclaiming their joy. It’s so beautiful to see, and sometimes I get overwhelmed by the progress I see, because it proves their loyalty & devotion to Jesus. And to be a witness of these things is lovely, wouldn’t you think?

(It’s time for me to stop typing and going on and on about my friends, or else I’ll start crying ย & this post doesn’t make sense anymore bye)



The Liberation


Last night, I couldn’t sleep very well, so I decided to pick up a journal I had recently bought (the obsession is real), and try to fill the first few pages. It was such a success! When I was done writing, it was nearly 1:30am. I had made a point to put worship music on, and that influenced my writing & reflection a lot. I haven’t journaled in a long time, so to get everything out on paper made me feel lighter!

Here’s a list of some songs that I had listened to:

  1. ย Tremble by Mosaic MSC
  2. Nothing But The Blood by Citizens & Saints
  3. Seasons Change by United Pursuit ft. Michael Ketterer
  4. You Are Worthy by Will Reagan
  5. High Priest by Rivers & Robots
  6. Everything To You by Bethel
  7. The Real Thing by Michael Ketterer
  8. You Hear Me by Rivers and Robots
  9. 23 by Red Rocks Worship
  10. Yahweh by The Brilliance

“These last few days have been unnecessarily hard on my heart. There have been too many attacks on my mind, telling me that I’ll amount to nothing in this life, and that I’ll never get to where I need or want to be. A whole bunch of stuff that does not have a place in my head.

What I totally skipped over in my thinking, was how important it is to speak truths over my life when spiritual attacks like this happen. They can come at any moment, so I have to be on constant watch. It’s important, because it’s very hard to function when all that’s on my mind is how awful I am.

Earlier yesterday, I was reading my devotional & the final pages in my leadership course. They both talked a lot about how we should speak out against the spiritual attacks and remember that we have plenty of promises to lean on from God. It allows for us to become more effective leaders when we learn to do this.

Isn’t it more liberating to know you can take care of someone & their burdens now that you’re not worrying about yourself? Yes!

This takes a lot of discipline. How? Well, we have to be regularly in the Word, reading the promises that God has for us; If we aren’t reminding ourselves of these biblical truths, or seeking them out, how will we know what God thinks?

We also have to pray. A lot. This is something I’m still learning to discipline myself to do. I know my day is unfulfilled if I don’t talk to God during the day. I feel guilty being in bed & talking to Him for only 5 minutes, right before I drift to sleep. Prayer takes a lot of our burdens off of our shoulders, and replaces it with peace. So why do we deprive ourselves of this?

Despite having to relearn discipline in these areas, I’m learning a lot. Learning to go to God with troubles I have is good. It’s important. I’m so glad and thankful for His patience with me. And I’m learning to speak against the things that Satan has planted in my mind. It’s time to put on some gardening gloves and un-root some poisonous roots. The time is so overdue, and I refuse to let it take over my mind any longer.”