To Dwell Is To Repent First




v. dwelt dwelled, dwell•ing. v.i.

1. to live or stay as a permanent resident; reside.
2. to exist or continue in a given condition or state.
3. dwell on or upon, to think, speak, or write about at length or with persistence; linger over.
To dwell is to remain. To focus. And this is what Jesus wants: For us to be still so we can focus on His voice and hear what He has to say.
Here’s my problem: I dwell too much. I don’t sing my loudest, and I am often too still. This is often my mindset when I enter in worship. The Lord calls us to be still in His presence, but recently I’m discovering that I’m too still.

There comes a point where we’re no longer still in the Spirit- we’re no longer worshiping. We’re frozen in our unrepentance. We’re not joyful in our worship & praise because we haven’t lifted our burdens to Jesus.

That’s me. I feel like I’m pretty much frozen stuck. I still love the Lord with all my heart. But I’ve gotten to a point where I’m no longer basking in the presence of God- I’m just standing there.  This is a big problem. I imagine Jesus standing there and saying to me,

“Where’s your joy, child? You’re redeemed! Saved from Sheol! Rejoice!”

So here’s my repentance: Lord Jesus, I’m sorry that I haven’t been apologizing for the offenses that I’ve done against you, when that’s the first thing I should be doing. Have mercy on me, please. I don’t know what I would do without your mercy, and I’m so grateful. I’m not worthy enough to receive your merciful hand. 
Your love changes everything. You are the epitome of goodness, and this makes me want to be better for you. You deserve so much better than what I give. You have taught me better than this.
I’ve been sick for multiple days now, and I feel like that has robbed me of my joy. Please renew my strength to obey & follow the things you say. It’s not what I say that goes, but what you say that goes, because you are my Master. I love you & revere you. You are so kind & merciful to me. Bless you, amen.

So friends, are you ready to go into this weekend in praise & rejoicing? Are you ready to dwell in the presence of God & be joyful because of the salvation which Jesus has gracefully given to you? I’m excited to see what this weekend brings!


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