“Wherever You Go, I Will Go Too”


My dream is to have a nice house to host my friends one day, whether it’s for Christmastime, thanksgiving, just stopping by, hanging out, you name it. I want to have a space where I can always have a pot of coffee brewing, ready for anyone who waltzes in. I want to learn to cook an actual meal so I can serve it to those who would step foot into my home one day. I want to be surrounded by people I love, and have a place where we can all be together happily. I want a place where I can hang up twinkly lights & candles year round & make it so normal that people don’t question why my house smells like cinnamon or peppermint even though it’s the middle of summertime. I want my future home to be so inviting to people. If my home isn’t a safe space full of grace to the people I care about, then it’s a place I don’t want to inhabit.

There’s some things that I learned about what home is over the last little while. Home is a place of comfort, rest, and acceptance- sometimes you find home in people. You should definitely keep those people around. Home is where those people are found.

I want to be a place of comfort and tenderness for people, because there’s so much unkindness in the world. In the wintertime, especially in Canada, it can get to lower than -7. It’s terrible. But with all this cold in the world, all the cruelty & pain, we can afford to be sweet to people. A smile, a hug, an act of love & kindness, can melt the ice cold barriers that someone had built around themselves. I really just want to be kind & welcoming to people. We could all use a break from the harshness of life.

I have a few places that I consider “home” for myself: my church, my friends, and the place where my friends and I gather. My church is where I grew up & learned all about Christ. I’ve grown so much in wisdom. You know, I feel like He was the first one to have an intentionally warm atmosphere around Him. He was basically homeless, and His friends went with Him wherever He went, so I feel like He must have been the first human example of what a home actually is. Whenever He went into someone’s house, I can imagine how much more homey it would have felt because Grace had stepped foot on its front step.

He’s such a sweet guest to have made His humble home in my heart, and I think I understand why I want to feel like home to others so much- it’s because I want to be like Him more than anything else. And I see all these photos of sweet, welcoming homes on Instagram, yet nothing inspires me to be as warm & inviting as He does.


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