He Wrote Her A Letter, Which Was Love

There’s quite a few people in my life who know that I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. It’s a writing challenge where you write a novel in the month of November, the word count goal being 50,000 words. I’m not writing a novel, however, I’m writing a collection of poetry, which makes it harder, but I’m up for the challenge. My collection is called Simple Conversation: A Collection, the theme being in constant conversation with God. All my writing is pretty much skin & bone; raw & naked thoughts. I decided to share with you a poem that I had just written. I hope you enjoy this!


“It was never hard, loving you”, he said.

“I knew you’d be stubborn, depressed, lonely,

Even though I was right next to you.

But I made a pledge of love,

And I made it with blood”, he said.

“My heart was broken for you because

I knew you’d be in pain all your life,

And I still wanted you to know me because

I loved you with all my heart, mind, and soul.

The fullness of life is all I ever wanted for you

Because you’ve been sorrowful and downcast all your life.

But you have to know this,

That I am the fullness of life,” he said.

“I will love you until the world ends up in flames,

And I will care for you until the flames turn into ash.”

And with that, I’ve spent lots of time writing this blog post when I should be working on my collection. That enough procrastinating for today. Back to work!


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