My Favorite Autumn Things


From what I see all over my instagram, twitter, & tumblr, autumn is apparently here! For some reason, Canada hasn’t tasted autumn yet; there is a lack of pumpkins in shop, pumpkin spice flavored things, the sky is still brightly shining, and there’s NO WAY the leaves can turn orange in one day. But I desperately want autumn & chilly weather, so what have I been doing? Piling on layers, drink cups of spiced tea & hot coffee at a time, waiting for gloomy weather, and creating an autumn-y playlist. The list goes on.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, because it’s not deathly cold like our Canadian winters, but it’s still cold enough to wear sweaters & carry hot drinks everywhere. And it always looks so beautiful outside! There’s nothing better than sitting outside in the quiet with your drink, and looking out into the overcast light of the day. I love autumn for all kinds of reasons, like:

  • Apple Picking. It was one of my favorite things to do with family as a kid. Getting lost in the corn mazes (and the orchard itself), spending time in company with friends & family, dreaming of the pies that will be made with all those apples, and taking in all the gorgeous nature. And don’t even get me started on pumpkin pie. Pie is probably my love language.
  • Nanowrimo, aka National Novel Writing Month. November is one of my favorite months because I get to spend a lot of it writing, trying to reach my goal of 50,000 words. It’s a little difficult for me to reach that goal considering I don’t write novels- I’m more of a poet. I still try to fill up a single notebook by the time December comes around. My goal is to type more, because it’s faster than writing by hand. I’ll have tons of material to edit in December, and I’m excited for it!
  • Thanksgiving. I try to be in a grateful mood as much as I can; it’s good to reflect on the things which you’re thankful for. I love eating food, especially thanksgiving food, because it reminds me of family traditions. I’m hoping to gather with some friends for Friendsgiving this year. There’s something about gathering with friends for a big meal, and we’ve all been big on that for a long time.
  • The weather. I love when it begins to get cold outside, which is ironic because I’m always freezing and I hate it. But I really enjoy the feeling of being wrapped in layers and blankets in a cozy house that smells good. And looking outside and seeing the leaves, and pondering about the fragility of life…autumn puts me in a great writing mood, okay?
  • Pumpkin carving. It’s so fun! I do it every year. I love the feeling of the insides as I scoop it all out. And my favorite part- baking the seeds & putting salt on them. Best.
  • Halloween. I don’t do much to prep for the holiday like I used to. I used to love the atmosphere of the countdown to Halloween. The creepiness that fills the air. The decorations and candy in the store. It’s all lovely. I don’t think I’ll go out this year,rather, I’ll get some tea, put on a creepy playlist, read a horror story, then watch a scary movie.

As you can tell, I’m very excited for October, when the weather will get colder, the leaves will (hopefully) start to fall, and it will finally being to feel like autumn. I can’t wait, and it’s going to be wonderful. What kinds of things do you look forward to in autumn?


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