I wander forever,
Walking further from You with every passing second
Ignoring Your voice calling me, over and over,
Saying, “Come home, please come home.”

I don’t turn my head to see You on Your knees,
Pleading & asking me to come back.
In the distance, I can hear You say,
“Return to Me, and I will return to You.”

On the way, my heart becomes heavy & weary-
My burdens beat me up;
I can’t handle it anymore,
So I lay down for a while and wait for death.

I lay in wait for so long that I become dry;
Suddenly I feel a tug on my heart;
A little whisper in my ear:
“I am going to comfort you again.”

I feel persuaded to head home, where I belong;
I hope to be welcomed back, all the while my heart palpitates furiously.
I open the door, and You make Your way to me,
And I am welcomed with the warmth of Your hugs that I’ve missed for so long.

My safety has never been so reassured-
I’m comforted, just like You said You would comfort me.
My head rests on Your chest, I breathe slowly.
My peace is finally found.

-Inspired by Zechariah 1:3 & Zechariah 1:17


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