Retreat: The Caffeinated Spiral of Death

A few months ago, my youth group & I went to a campground to unplug from technology (of course, most of us had our phones on us), temporarily forget about all daily distractions (of course, some of us brought schoolwork to study from), and become closer together.

The drive up to where we were staying was filled with anticipation. This was the event of the year for us! Every year it gets better, because we’re even closer with each other! This means more inside jokes, more time together, more memories to be made. It always feels so good to be with my dear family in a place where there’s nothing to distract us from getting to know each other better.

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We got settled in & chaos began (it wasn’t that chaotic- a lot of us went to sleep right away). Late to bed, early to rise! The next morning I woke up early to read my bible, and joined a friend who was doing the same thing. As soon as I seated myself, we started the coffee, and thus began the endless caffeinated spiral of death. Jokes aside, that coffee was really good.

Saturday was quite the day, as is always! We went for a walk in the woods. I love looking at all the scenery by the trails, because nature is so gorgeous to look at! Not to mention how it quickly turned into a group photoshoot, because almost everyone had a camera on them. Eventually, we came to a stream & had to cross it. Literally everyone had their rainboots but me. So I did what any other normal version of me would do: I took off my socks, and my shoes, rolled up my jeans, and walked it. The water was freezing, but I am a brave one.

this was my favorite shot of the weekend

Saturday is usually the day that tires us all out from all the activities: 9 square, hiking, trampoline jumping, games, and just hanging out in the sun. Usually I need a really intense power nap in the  middle of the afternoon because I get up so early in the morning to read the stuff God has to say to me (I wouldn’t have the energy to do it early elsewhere). So I went to take a nap in the place where we would have worship & our pastor dude speak. Trying to rest on a makeshift bed of chairs is hard. I heard my friend in the midst of writing a new worship song, and it was wonderful (as per usual).

Later that evening, we held our worship & message. For some reason, it’s always Saturday evening where we expect God to move, but He can move whenever He wants. Regardless, it was truly lovely. Everyone was so in tune with the Spirit of God in their own way. With less musicians than the year before, it was less grandiose, but it remained a humble gathering, as it should always be. We even got a chance to do the song that was written hours prior! It was such a sweet time, so much so that I didn’t want to go to sleep when I got back! So I stayed up with one of my girls & we talked for a while. Then we went to bed.

going on that hike was my favorite thing

The next morning we packed up our things & got all ready to head home. But of course, our time together was not fully spent! The was still worship to be had, a message to be heard, and company yet to be shared. I woke up at around 5am to read downstairs. It was good (even if I forgot to close the windows before going to sleep, therefore the whole place with freezing). I was able to share what I had read with a friend & we had great conversation before breakfast.

The rest of the day went by super quickly & soon enough we were all back home. I was exhausted, and I’m sure everyone else was as well! I had so much fun with everybody, and it was such a chill weekend! The memories are with me fondly.





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