Coffee Chat: Intention


It’s only been a week that most of my friends have gone to camp & elsewhere for their summer endeavors, and I miss them more than I have since they left. This past week has been difficult for me, realizing the lack of communication between my friends & I (camp reception is tops). I’ve noticed that we share the same desires: community. Over this past year, we’ve created this community that is close-knit & full of grace. My community is elsewhere as I type. It’s a weird feeling not being able to see them as often as I’m used to. I miss the communication- the desire for bigger & better things, the desire for growth & helping each other grow. I just miss them.

I remember a conversation that a friend & I had around this time last year. He was afraid that things would change once we all came from camp in August. I reassured him that we’d only get closer (which we eventually did). I’m now in his position, ever fearful that the people I’ve grown to cherish more & more each day would grow closer over the summer, only leaving me to wonder what it would be like if I had gone to camp with them.

However, I was also thinking upon how my group of friends has flourished over the last year. I focused on the fact that we’re always going out of our way to ask about each others’ days, or simply asking if we’re down for a coffee chat. It’s wonderful to have people in your life who genuinely care. I’m extremely blessed by their presence in my life.

My friends are serving at camp, where they will be telling kids about Jesus. I am here, hoping to meet new kids as they come to youth group this summer. This month is about intention, so intentional I will be; always reaching out, always keeping the lines of communication open.

Therefore I’ll write letter after letter, expressing my worries in hopes that I will get a response filled with reassurance. I will pray & strive for a closeness that is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. I’m hoping this isn’t a test of the friendship we’ve based on mutual respect & grace, but a stronger bond that will form. Hopefully my worries will be put to rest.

What word have you chosen for July?


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