I like to not wear shoes. A lot. My close friends know this fact about me very well. There’s something about it that makes me feel very free. I feel like a child again, and brings me back to memories of my younger self running through the grass in the summertime. My mind goes back to the days when I would stick my toes in the sand. I remember tentatively dipping my toes in the water, and then jumping right in after a rush of bravery suddenly comes over me.

Being without my shoes is one of most freeing & joyous feelings I could ever feel. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint why I love it so much.

It’s come like a second nature thing for me to do; coming to Jesus with bare feet. Sometimes I get teased about it (“Robin, put your shoes on, you look silly”, “Robin, why do you always go around with bare feet, that’s gross”, etc). But it reminds me that I’m a child with wide-eyed wonder in front of His throne. I picture His greatness & I get timid for a moment, because I know I’m not worthy to approach Him. My timidity lasts for but a moment, because I know His vastness is something to be experienced. He is an adventure, and I want to experience it all, right now. So I take off my shoes, and I jump.

My favorite thing to do before I enter worship, practice, or simply step in the church, is to remove my shoes. He is holy, and is to be revered by His children. He deserves all that I have to offer, and if I only have to offer something as mere as my bare feet, I know He’ll be pleased with me.

It’s a vulnerable act, not having shoes or socks on. For some reason, it creates a very intimate atmosphere. That kind of atmosphere is what I want when I meet Jesus in worship, because He wants me. Just me. When I’m barefoot, I feel exposed. But I strive to be exposed, because that’s what He wants: For me to become transparent, to share parts of myself, so that He can reveal His unconditional love to me. Like I said, it’s so freeing- I don’t have to worry about being abandoned. He just welcomes me.

Some people in my church look down on me & complain that I take my shoes off. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. This is simply me wanting to be humble before my Lord. It’s something that Moses was commanded to do, because He was standing on holy ground (Exodus 3:5). Holy ground is wherever Jesus is invited into. I will allow Him to come meet me where I am (bare feet & all), and cleanse my soul, just like He sought out to cleanse & wash my feet.


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