The Outcast Finds a Home


I’m not ordinary. I’m weird. People normally wouldn’t associate with me on the daily. I have weird music tastes. I have a weird way of dressing. There’s a lot of things wrong with me. I’m not something that someone would call “normal”. I have a weird hippie mind. I have weird thoughts. I like weird things, like abandoned buildings, ghost towns, exploring, taking portraits of people in cool & weird places, and not wearing shoes. My mood fluctuates in very odd patterns. I find people fascinating, but at the same time, I’m shy. I never really fit in with any specific “group”.

I’ll always be an outcast.

Yet Jesus still wants to get to know me. Granted, He knows who I am; He created me. But He still wants to sit across from me and hear me speak. He wants me to open up to Him, even though He knows what I’m going to say. He’s interested in my weirdness and oddities. He wants to hear me talk about anything at all. He just wants to hear my voice.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about who I am compared to God. I’m not much at all. I’m completely unworthy to speak His name, or be in His presence. He’s too beautiful and intense, you know? And I don’t mean beautiful in the physical sense- that I don’t yet know of. But His being, who He is, is beautiful. His kindness, grace, and openness to accept all my broken pieces is much more grand than I could ever dream of being. However, despite me being a weakling before Him, and despite His power, He softly strokes my face and says, “Even if the world doesn’t want you, I want you. And I want you to come eat and spend time with me.”

God made me to be flawed, so that must mean that He likes me the way I am. He made me in my own unique, weird way, so that I could be friends with other weirdos and let them know that yes we’re different, but He still loves us just the same. God made me to be flawed so I can revel in His beauty and splendor.

When I was by myself, Jesus opened Himself up to me, and revealed to me all the things that I lacked. All those things which I lack are found in Him. In Him, I found a home which abounds with softness, kindness, and acceptance.


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