The Long And Short of It: I Bow Down

Every now and then I write for my friend’s blog. He recently wrote a song and asked me to analyse and kind of write my take on it (sort of?)! Enjoy! Also, don’t forget to check out his blog by clicking on “Church of Fancy Schmancy”!

Fancy Schmancy

Article by Robin Bailey-Leonard

Mick wrote this worship song a few days ago. As talented as he is, he wrote it in 20 minutes! The song explains itself, but there’s always some depth that comes with a song. Hopefully, we’ll do it at Fancy Schmancy soon, but til then, here it is!

“Jesus You are here, You alone give me worth.”

Jesus is always near us. I think that’s pretty neat, how He’s always nearby and comes even closer when we ask Him to. Jesus is super gracious that way; we aren’t deserving of His love, or His grace, or His nearness. Yet He still wants to give us those wonderful things. Because of His kindness, we can find our worth in Him. See, we can look everywhere for places where we’ll be deemed “worthy”, but somehow that thing or that person that gives us worth will always find some way…

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