“We Have Come.”


There’s this worship band called United Pursuit that my team & I absolutely adore. There’s something so simplistic and spontaneous about the way that they worship. They have livestreams first Tuesday night of every month (7:30pm est), and I do my best to tune in, because hello, worship is wonderful! It’s a passion that flows in my bloodstream. Worship essential when it comes to my relationship with Jesus. I can easily connect with Him there. I need it.

I was inspired to write this post when I heard one of my favorites come on the livestream. It’s called We Have Come. It’s one of those songs that we could do on loop forever, in fact, we only really need this one song; it says so much.

“We have come to bring You glory, we have come to sing Your praises.”

There’s something about telling God who He is to us, because we indirectly are also speaking truth to ourselves. Like, I can tell God how incredible and able He is, and then I’ll realize that I’m singing to Someone who is faithful in His word, and takes care of me. It makes me worship Him harder & love Him so much more than I do. That gives me joy.

There’s something about singing to God about the good things that He’s done for this world, for us. He deserves all focus and recognition. We spend enough time asking God to do all these things for us, or requesting that everyone pays attention to us on the daily. We as a society are very selfish- very “me” centered. God deserves more than our simple praise & mere voices. Yet He knows that’s all we can give Him; He sees our hearts. Oh, how I love to sing to Him, to offer worship, and to be in His presence.

“You’re welcome in this place.”

We don’t have life if we don’t have God. He is at the core of everything. We need Him more than we realize. You see, when I realize that He is the only One who will accept me wholly , I want Him to draw near to me because I know He genuinely loves me. And He loves you too, literally more than you’ll ever care to know. He is our everlasting Friend, and He is welcome where we decide to lift our voices to Him.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let all that’s within me shout out!”

The prayer of my heart when I worship. I want nothing more than for my soul to be filled with joy & happiness, so that I have no other words but the name “Jesus” to shout. It’s all about lifting Him up, and having Him know that I am grateful and that I love Him. He makes me so happy, y’all.

How does He make you feel?



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