The Desires of My Soul


I desire gentleness. You know when you’re holding a baby, and they reach up to softly touch your face? The child doesn’t even realize that they’re being gentle. They just are. The looks of love & adoration exchanged is what I want. It stirs something in my heart that I can’t exactly pinpoint. Gentleness is sweet kindness, the epitome of “How are you?”, “Let’s talk for a little bit” or “I miss you”. In a way, it’s the embodiment of a verbal “I love you.

I desire campfires. The kind of atmosphere where friends are gathered & share stories and songs. I love how campfires give off warmth. It’s homey and comforting. Laughter is guaranteed. There’s something about circling around flames with blankets and friends, smelling the burning wood, the trees, and the clean air. Friends give off more warmth than the fire itself. You better believe me when I say I love each and every one of my friends. It sounds juvenile, but I could care less. Every friend I’ve made, I love.

I desire early and chilly mornings, where the fog is thick. Where silence is not just a lack of hearing anything, but becomes something to be felt. When the coffee is strong and already brewed as soon as you get up, and all that’s left to do is sit and watch the sun rise. Early morning conversation with a beloved one. We all want to be heard; it’s the perfect time to do it.

What kinds of things do you desire?


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