My Train of Thought


2:41pm– I have a cup of coffee in my hands, the second of the day. My Spotify tab is open, and out of it pours folksy tunes. It’s peaceful. I’ve tried to write this post three times. I’ll be writing my current thoughts over the next hour.

2:47pm– Lately I’ve been thinking long and hard about the passions that I have, about the things that spark joy in my soul. I long for community, because that where people with differences & oddities come together in peace. Coffee is an international language, and it gives us a chance to take a break & reflect. I long for worship, because that is where I can find peace from the storm of the week & see the face of the One my soul loves. Getting to know people on a deeper level is so important to me because we often forget that we’re all humans, and it’s nice to realize that we’re not alone in this lifelong journey. I long to hear the stories of others. What’s your story?

2:56pm– I’ve been praying more, and it’s been very good for my soul. I wonder why people often find it to be a difficult task. It’s just simple conversation between you & God. It’s refreshing, because He’s the only one who understands us fully. It always feels good to talk to someone who gets you. You feel me?

2:59pm– I’m very excited for Friday, because another youth group will be coming to hang out with us for the evening! I’m hoping to see lots of friendships made, coffee brewing, and worship. I don’t know exactly what will happen on Friday, but I definitely look forward to it. New friends make me happy.

3:04pm– I’ve been adding to my writing playlist for the past week, and it’s one of my favorite things right now. The music is calming and serves as inspiration for my poetry. I wrote a poem yesterday titled, “The Sojourner“. I think I’ll write a series on him. He sounds like the person I want to be.

3:08pm– Sometimes people are going to leave you. Friendships, family members, lovers. It’s okay if they do. You just need to find better people to surround yourself with. You don’t want to write melancholy poetry forever, do you?

3:10pm– Everything is a process. Over the last month, I’ve realized this. Life isn’t a race, and I can go as fast or slow as I want. People are different; we’re not all meant to go at the same pace.

3:14pm– When we extend grace, it allows the person to grow & become a better person. This world is missing this very important truth. Why isn’t this world more graceful? Surely it would make for a more peaceful environment, and we wouldn’t be so terrified all the time.

3:25pm– I wish I knew how to play the banjo. It sounds so pure.

3:30pm– We need to develop more passions. It would make living much more bearable.

3:34pm– It breaks my heart to know that so many people believe that they don’t have value because of who they are as a person. You are a human. Therefore you have worth. It doesn’t matter what you did in the past. You have value, and you deserve to be heard.

3:38pm– I think my Instagram niche is nature.

3:41pm-Choosing joy is not easy, but we should still do it more.ย I think I’m going to have coffee #3 now.


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