The Art of Losing Myself


Yesterday I posted this photo to my instagram, and I wrote this as the caption:

“When you lose yourself in the presence of God, your focus is no longer on you, and I think that’s freeing.”

I was thinking about worship since Monday. I was thinking about how we act when we worship God, what we think about, etc. On Tuesday night I had practice with my worship team. It’s more practice than worship (as you would expect), but I still try to remember who I’m preparing my voice for, and I try to make the moment about God & I. Near the end, we were going over a song for the second time, and I closed my eyes to focus on Him. It was cool, because it was such a natural moment. I usually close my eyes when I worship, but there was literally nothing on my mind but God. I wasn’t thinking about sounding on point, nor was I worried about what the band was doing, or worried about my life in general. He was the only thing on my mind, which was so freeing.

It was freeing because I wasn’t focused on myself. I was focused on the One to whom I was singing & lifting praise.

I’ve been really stoked for our church’s worship night that takes place tomorrow. I hope we can all take time to really focus on who God is, and review our motives for worshiping Him. If you think about it, worship is quite selfless, because we’re not supposed to be focused on ourselves.

I’m gonna add this in: I used to think worship was this really intense & emotional thing, where I had to be crying every time. I would literally guilt myself during worship & focusing on how sinful I was, to the point where I would make myself cry. I recognize how wrong of me that was, because in that moment I was focusing on how horrible I was instead of focusing on how great God is. Worship doesn’t have to be this big intense thing with loud music & yelling- it can also be quiet and simple. It’s a way of communicating our gratitude in song, and it’s meant to be a vulnerable thing. Crying during worship isn’t bad whatsoever, especially if the Holy Spirit is tangible & moving. Like, cry by all means. But worship is to lift up God’s name & a time to praise Him & sing thankfulness for all He’s done. It’s not something to be sad about, it’s a time to rejoice!

I guess I wanted to write this because I want to encourage others to prepare their hearts for worship this weekend. Have a good one!


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