He Makes Us Better


A friend of mine shared a sermon last night and something he said sparked something in me, and it got me thinking.

“It’s kinda like, for me, my quest to be genuine and completely original and unique, sometimes can end up pushing God aside. Like, I’m pushing God out of my plan, even though my plan is that I want to be genuine with Him. Then that defeats the entire purpose of my plan because I pushed God out of something, when I’m trying to center my life on Christ. And I find it sad that it’s so easy to do so.” –Mick Germain

Many of us strive to be real. To be unashamedly ourselves, and to not live in fear. Living in fear dictates what our life will be like. If we lived in fear, we’d be too afraid to speak up, too afraid to change, too afraid to live the life we want to live. Many of us want to be open with others, so that they don’t have to feel alone. A lot of us are tired of putting up fronts & facades, and we just want to sit down with someone and say, “This is what I’m dealing with. Please hear me out & be my friend right now.” This is the generation I want to be a part of. This is the generation we want. We need it. Too many people are putting up walls, and we want to be the generation who brings people together, and breaks down the barriers.

But we need God to be at the forefront of our mind, our heart, all our being. If He’s not at the core of what we’re doing, why in the world are doing anything at all? Everything we do is in vain if we aren’t glorifying Jesus with it.

I think when we realize who exactly God is, it changes our mindset of how we do things. For example, He is the King of the universe. He has it all in His hand. He cares for each of us, even though we don’t deserve any kind of compassion, love, or mercy. He saves people, He restores joy, He is just. He has wrath for injustice. But at the same time, He is kind, He’s patient, He’s the one who saved the world. He has had a plan from the beginning of time. He’s able to take our life at any given moment, and yet He chooses to give us this moment, because He has put us here for bigger reasons than we know.

I can’t even describe everything He is. But He’s a lot of things.

But when we think of who God is, we want to worship better, practice to be perfect for Him. We want to smile more at people. We want to get to know people better, love people harder. For me, thinking of God and how awesome He is, makes me want to be so much better than I am.

I am constantly trying to put God at the beginning of it all, almost always failing. But He requires only my effort, and I’m always reminding myself of that- to just try my best. I think it’s so romantic & great how just thinking of Jesus makes me want to be a better whatever-I-am.


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