(I Promise I Don’t Complain All The Time)



I appreciate enthusiasm a lot. I consider myself a generally happy person. I like to smile. I like exclamation marks just as much as the next generally happy person. I like saying hello enthusiastically to others. I like the occasional pop song (looking at you, “1989” lovers). I can appreciate upbeat attitudes. I can appreciate dancing. I deeply appreciate laughter.

But not today.

I don’t know what it is. It feels like a Monday. It’s halfway through National Poetry Month, and I can count my poems on my fingers. Every day this week has been a revision of the day before, so each photograph I take looks the same. I’ve slept in the same clothes from yesterday. My notebook is wide open in front of me, and the pages are empty. I only had one cup of coffee today. I hate money. I’m tired. The only black & white Polaroid I took defines my mood (it was raining that day). I don’t know what my problem is today. Today’s just a bad day. I’m just sad.

My soul needs company. I need to be with people. I need to be with people who can make me laugh. I need a hug, like, a long freaking hug. I need a thorough worship session. I need to change my clothes. I need to talk to people. I need to sit in peace & quiet. I need to take a nap. I probably just need company. It’s hard knowing that bad days are only considered a blink of an eye compared to life in eternity. I just need to hang in there. Doesn’t make it less hard to deal with.

I genuinely hope you’re having a wonderful day. If it’s sunny out, enjoy the sun. If it’s rainy, make some tea or coffee, and put a movie on. If you’re having a bad day, you’re not alone. We’ll get through it together.



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