Thankfulness In Disappointment


Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned. After a long positive streak, we can get used to it, so a negative happening can really bring us down. We’ll feel like everything is going wrong, and there’s nothing we can do to change it. We feel helpless and disappointed. As if everything is in shambles around us.

Sometimes we get so sad because we know that God is King, and He deserves our absolute best. So when we don’t feel like we’re giving our best, we feel like we’re failing God. But God doesn’t require perfection- He just requires our efforts, no matter how mere they may be.

Sometimes there are things we can’t control. We must remember that we need to take a breath, and know that God has a bigger picture. When we get so focused on that one thing that set us off, we forget that God knows all things. His purpose is bigger than anything we’ve ever known. Sometimes we just have to let mistakes happen, because that’s what authenticity is; the reality of the moment. Maybe we just need to let it happen, move on, and strive to be better so that God might be pleased with our greater efforts.

Sometimes things don’t go the way we originally wanted, and we need to shut ourselves in a quiet little room, and humbly worship on the floor. Sometimes we need to shut ourselves in that quiet little room and just talk to God as our Father. The only One who knows our hearts. Sometimes all we need is to tell God how sorry we are for not keeping our focus on Him, and for making our success our pursuit. Sometimes we just need to be thankful for His presence, because He doesn’t have to remain close to us, but He chooses to be.

Sometimes you just need to sit in silence for the majority of the day because you know you need to spend time with God. Sometimes we just gotta break out our bibles, and pray in the margins because speaking takes too much energy out of us. Sometimes we just have to be in the presence of God, and just sit with Him, you know? I think that’s what I’m gonna go do now.


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