My Spring 2016 Playlist


Here’s an update on life: I’m becoming a little bit braver with each day, meaning that hopefully soon I’ll be employed (if I’m able to step out of my comfort zone)! I’ve also developed a cold over the last few days, and I’m scheduled to lead worship with my team. I feel like this Sunday is gonna be radical, so I’m praying so hard that I’ll be well enough to sing (my voice has seen better days)! Though I must say that I’ve been feeling better than before, as well!

Spring is finally here in Canada, so to get into the spring spirit, I’ve created a playlist! If you know me personally, you’ll know I love to make playlists. I’ve different artists ranging from Sufjan Stevens (always a favorite), Bon Iver, Kaleo, and Dustin Tebbutt. It’s an acoustic playlist, which is super calming, and I feel like this is the perfect way to start the springtime!

What are your favorite springtime songs? Do you have a playlist made?


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