Anticipating Sunday


Easter Saturday is always my one of my favorite Easter days because even though it’s the day of silence, where the world is without Jesus or hope for the first time, there’s still hope for us to who know the rest of the story. I don’t know what it is about anticipation, but I find it so intriguing, and exciting.

That day of silence after Jesus’ death must have been the most devastating state the world has ever been in. The disciples & His followers must have been so depressed like, “Jesus is gone…what do we do now?” They had no purpose to fulfill at this point, because the Great Commission wasn’t instructed yet. So they had no reason for anything anymore. God was silent, and Jesus was dead. What a dreary & discouraging day.

However, we as 21st Century disciples & followers know the rest of the story! Now that Jesus’ purpose has been fulfilled so many years ago, we now have that ability to communicate with God 24/7! We can still pray & have Him answer on the day of Silence. I think that’s really great!

To some, anticipation drives people up the wall. Waiting can be horrid to some. I can completely imagine the uncomfortable jitters, butterflies, little fleeting + recurring anxious feelings. But tomorrow holds so much more reason for me to be excited!


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