Worship Night: A Brain Dump


It’s currently 11:32 right now. As soon as I came home, I wanted to write about tonight because it was incredible.  I don’t want to miss any details, but I’ll probably miss at least one or two things. Where to even begin.

I always go into worship nights completely naive. I’m like, “Tonight’s gonna be awesome; I’m so stoked!”, but then God does His own thing, and it kinda smacks me right in the face. Who am I to limit God to just “awesome”? Then again, my little brain can’t find anything else that tops “awesome”. But that’s when God comes in, and then blows my mind. Does that ever happen to you?

My team went from doing 3 songs, to doing the entire service, because a friend who was leading the beginning of the service needed helpers (I was basically voluntold, but God had different plans for tonight, and I’m not fit to argue about it). I knew most of the songs already, so considering the fact that we hadn’t practiced them, I didn’t have much to worry about. As we begin singing, I looked out at everyone in the congregation, and it was so wonderful to see everyone so immersed in their own little world, alone with God. I could see how God was meeting with us individually, and I knew that He was about to do big things tonight.

We come to the middle of our setlist, and people begin praying & declaring as loud as possible. I couldn’t help but smile at how pleasing God must have found it all. I knew He had the biggest smile on His face. I let myself become totally at His disposal, and then I heard a woman praying about how she wanted Him to teach us how to pray. That’s what I need. I spent so much time away from prayer, that I don’t know where to begin anymore. I have to start at square one. I need God to teach me. (You can bet what I’ll be reading in my bible for the next week or so!) I began praying over this generation, how there’s so much depression & sadness. Everyone often feels so alone, and I just want to learn to be a friend to them. It’s so important.

We finally sang our set of songs, and it was a very quiet & real moment with us all. People were praying with each other, and truth was being spilled from all over. You could truly feel the presence of Jesus. I could barely feel my legs anymore, and my arms were sore. But you can bet that I didn’t even care. The lights were so hot, but I didn’t even mind the fact that I was sweating through my thick sweater. I was truly joyful, almost childlike. I haven’t felt like that in such a long time. I hope you get to experience the childish cheer that I felt tonight. I’m in awe at how much He can do. He exceeds our expectations, always.

What a joy it is to know the Savior, and to know that He knows you too.



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