He Trades Worry For Peace


Lately I’ve been finding myself in a really weird place in my life. I have been so wrapped up in my problems, that worries just completely take over my mind. They consume my thoughts. Thinking about the future freaks me the heck out. I feel like I have too much on my plate. Lately, everything seems more frightening than it should be.

I usually spend my week subtly jittering with anxiety. By the time Sunday comes, I’m exhausted, and tired. But I sing the songs, and mean them with all my heart. I might hear people shouting with praise, and wonder why I’m not as enthusiastic as the rest of the congregation. Then, I’ll hear it. A little tug at my soul, a little kind word spoken to my heart.

“Be still.”

Most of the time, I’d stand still a this command, and be as quiet as can be. I need to hear what He wants to say to me. Sometimes I don’t hear anything, but regardless, I focus on who Jesus is, and His presence, and what He’s done for me. I let Him completely overtake my focus, and the worries of the week begin to vanish from my mind. He gently takes my worry, and sneakily places peace in there. I’m left to wonder, “Why was I ever worried?”

We all have hard weeks sometimes. That’s why Jesus is there.

He said “Come to Me, all you who are weary and have heavy burdens, and I’ll give you rest.” (Matt. 11:28)

We can’t let things like worry & fear take our peace. We can’t let it win. We need to rely on Jesus for strength & bravery. When we can’t fight anymore, we have to go to Him for rest. He provides a place for us, but we need to be still.


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