The Importance of Vulnerability


I’ve been super interested in Polaroid photography, and when I got a Polaroid camera, I was so intrigued! I took this picture earlier today, and at first I was unsure if I liked how it turned out. The greenish area seems as if the ink didn’t disperse properly when it was developing. I like it now, though! You see, life isn’t always perfect. Most of the time it’s messy, raw, unlike anything we ever expected. Allow me to elaborate!

A big part of our worship team’s mission statement is making sure that all of us, including those outside of the worship team, feels like we can be open with one another. It’s so crucial for us to not have a facade around family, otherwise nobody can support us. When I’m going through a difficult time, I know I can talk to my team because I feel accepted and cared for. I don’t feel like I have to be someone else in their presence; I can be myself.

God doesn’t need us to be anyone but ourselves. We are not perfect human beings, in fact, we’ll screw up more than we’ll do good. The beauty is that God loves us no matter what, even if we screw up! That’s what’s been on my mind for the past two years. This summer, I went to work at camp as a counselor; a week long mentor to younger kids. I made sure to tell them every day that they were welcome to be themselves, that they didn’t have to pretend. From the moment they walked into my cabin, we became a supportive family. I shared my broken past with them, different experiences I’ve had, and how God still loved me through it all. Being real goes a long way.

Vulnerability goes hand in hand with authenticity. When we have the courage to be ourselves, we give others the chance to hurt us or take advantage of our weaknesses. But it’s when we trust others with the truth that makes us who we are, that’s when we can truly be free to be unashamedly ourselves.




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