Let’s Talk About Worship!


All week I was annoyed at how I couldn’t think of anything to write about. But I finally found something! It’s 9:43am, I have my coffee, and I’m ready. I’m going to talk about the worship period at my youth group that happened. Let me give you a visual of last night’s youth group hangout:

4 of us are leading worship. 6 are sitting in the pews, waiting for us to start. Realizing that 10 people is quite a small number for a gathering, we decided to make it intimate, so we invited everyone onstage with us. We start singing, and it truly sounded wonderful. There was so much passion, and desire for God to meet our little group. I found myself getting lost in my own little world with Him, singing melodies that I never knew were possible to sing. I don’t know where everyone’s hearts were at, but that’s between God and the individual.

After we were finished our message, we had another time of worship. Instead of being onstage, we were on ground level this time, and we weren’t using the mics, the plugged in instruments, or the big loud sound system. All we had was our box drum, guitar, our voices, and the acoustics of the sanctuary. It was kind of unplanned, so we were flipping through our songbook, but it was really lovely- I can’t explain it more than that.

I have to say, it’s a really sweet thing to not pay any attention to those around myself as I worship. It’s sweet, because I personally find that it’s rare. More often than not, I find myself paying more attention to how I sound, making sure everything’s on-key, worrying if someone messes up, instead of focusing on God and only Him.

When I make God my focal point, that’s where true worship begins.

These are the songs that we chose last night. Enjoy!

-Deliverance by Strahan
-Desert Soul by Rend Collective
-Psalm 18 by Citizens & Saints


Where Am I Going?


Taking a look around me, I can see all my friends accomplishing wonderful things. Some are in school, others are getting that job they applied for. I feel like everyone’s passing me in some race that I can’t keep up with; with each person that passes me, I keep falling behind in life. No job application is good enough for any place I’ve gone to, and I’m not currently in school. So what  do I have to offer the world, while everyone around me seems to have so much more to offer? How in the world am I supposed to find purpose when everyone always seems to be one-upping me?

Lately, I’ve been exploring my passions. I’m a creative person, so I’ve tried creating multiple projects. Between August 6th and January 18th, I have completed two journals that are chock-full with ideas, poems, and stories. I’m working on a musical project. I’ve considered taking up painting. I’m currently into photography, and saving up for a camera so I can capture the beauty of creation. I have grown with my worship team, exploring new goals, and growing closer together. I have grown tighter with the girls I mentor.

I’ve realized that I’ve been tackling the matter all  wrong.

Instead of asking, “What do I have to offer the world“, I should instead be asking the question, “What do I have to offer God“.

Why? Because the world is never going to be satisfied with what I have to offer; the world will always be asking, “What else do you have, Robin? You can do better than that.” But God is pleased with a humble offering, and He doesn’t mind that I’m going at a slower pace in life. I can worship God with the creativity I’ve been given.

Even though everyone around me is doing well in life, doesn’t mean that I’m not, just because I don’t have a job, or I’m not in school. I can find purpose in what I love to do, and use it to make God happy too! I’ll be brave enough one day, but for now, I’m allowed to go against the flow, and do what makes me joyful.

What is “legitimacy”?

Legitimacy (n.): The state or quality of being legitimate.

Legitimate (adj.): To be genuine.


I will tell you what this word means to me, and why I think it’s so essential to my life. First, I want to tell you about my youth group.

My youth group family is my family, and they have been for the past 8 years. I’ve been through so much with them by my side. When I started attending this group, I’ve struggled with how people would perceive me if I chose to expose a certain part of me, so I put up a front. It took me a while to  that realize that as I created this facade, I was creating a false image of myself. This facade kept me from getting the real support I could get from my family. I grew into someone who learned that being open is not a bad thing at all! As the years passed, I became a youth leader- a role model to young women in my community. The only way for me to effectively reach out to them is by exposing myself, and by opening up about my experiences in life.

I am in no way perfect, but the God who created me most definitely is. By sharing my struggles, and being humble enough to admit that, “my life isn’t perfect,” or “I struggled with that just like you have,” allows us to have a human connection because, as we all know, no human is perfect. I would say that being real makes us more #relatable to one another, but is that too mainstream? It’s true regardless; when someone reveals to us that they have gone through a similar struggle, or is empathetic, we are more inclined to open up, correct?

To me, being legit means being vulnerable. Vulnerability is a form of bravery, considering that many people tend to be careful not to share too much. In a sense, it is a smart move- it can keep us from getting hurt. But if we keep too much to ourselves, it can be dangerous, because you never know who could benefit from hearing about your struggles and sufferings. I think God allows struggles & hardships for a reason, so that when we overcome them by His grace, we can provide hope for someone else. It isn’t easy to do, in fact, it’s very frightening sometimes. But sometimes all it takes is a little bit of bravery.